Monday, November 15, 2010

Project APOCRYPHA: complete collection in italian/english

[versione ITALIANA di questo post]

After several months I started this project concluding a "first step": saving and sorting hundreds of apocryphal texts.

Why this interest? First of all because of curiosity to the ancient mysteries of Christianity that are not the "usual" mysteries, as they refer the origin of a religious movement spread all over the world and a they also refer to a spiritual and cultural revolution took place 2000 years ago and beyond. Then, given the availability of free downloadable texts, I got the "collector mania" and I started the collection of apocryphal gospels downloadable online. I also noticed that many people ignore the fact that the Apocrypha are hundreds and they are very important from the perspective of literary history and many stories told in them are also funny. These people, also if they would be interested, give up easily in the search for these texts, because this is likely to get lost in an ocean of information.
So: why not gather all the apocryphal text available online (with relative information) and then redistribute them all in a tidy package?

I divided the original package in these packages (only in Italian).
I highly recommend to first download the package (156 KB) containing the index and introduction to the collection. You can then download the rest interested packages.
Links are here (from Microsoft OneDrive, to download just click on one of the following links, you will see the file inside a OneDrive window, then double click on the file or right-click on it and select "Download"/"Scarica"): [156 KB]
LIBRI [4,65 MB]
Documentazione generale [5,64 MB]

I wrote that the project is "started" because my job is only a small percentage of the whole (just take a look to the section called DOCUMENTI NON CATALOGATI [not cataloged documents]). There are many other points to be completed (as indicated in the file INTRODUZIONE.doc). So I'm at your disposal for suggestions, changes, corrections, insights, updates, etc.

[If you have problems with links please send me a mail or put a comment down here. Thanks.]